Burnett Print Group, LLC is focused on sustainability in the manufacturing of high quality print materials. The company partners with designers and manufacturers to produce the best project possible at the right price with the least impact on the environment.

At the beginning of 2015, Burnett Print Group, LLC became a Small Business Partner of American Forests and their Global ReLeaf Program. The organization plants one tree for every $1 donated and has planted over 44 milllion trees in the last two decades in all 50 states and in 44 countries worldwide. (americanforests.org)

In an effort to continue to pursue high quality pre-press and printing for books produced overseas, Burnett Print Group, LLC has also partnered with iocolor in Seattle, Washington. Marcia started working with iocolor in 2007 when they did the pre-press production for the Let It Bleed Book printed for Rhino Entertainment. Since that time, they have produced many books together including The Art of Tim Burton, Craig Semetko’s India Unposed, Sebastian Spader’s Wondering, Susan Levin’s Art from Dreams and Immaginare Press’s Los Angeles Sunrise to Sunset and Ocean. (iocolor.com)
Marcia Mosko
At Burnett Print Group, LLC, Marcia Mosko brings a broad range of creative talents to her clients and their projects. She was the founder of Tobu Print Group, Inc. (2005-2014), where she established the company as the place to go where entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and corporations alike could count on her high quality print and manufacturing resources to produce their packaging, collateral and fine art and photography books both domestically and overseas.

She started in the printing business as a sales representative at Westland Graphics after working as a graphic designer for over ten years. At Westland Graphics she established a reputation for working on innovative projects with the top graphic designers in Southern California. Many of those same designers are her clients today and they still come to her to collaborate on new projects which push the creative capabilities of everyone involved.

Prior to starting in the graphic design and printing fields, Marcia ran the gallery at one of the first alternative art spaces in the country, the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, where she curated several art exhibitions. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art from California State University-Northridge and has completed numerous graphic design courses at UCLA Extension.
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